Learn How Hundreds of People are Recovering Rapidly and defeating Chronic Inflammation in 40 days

 Watch Below to Learn How You Can Experience Life Without Joint Pain, Fatigue, Hair Loss, and Brain Fog, No Supplements, No Medications. 

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“Why Isn’t Anything Working for Me?”

 If you're suffering from chronic inflammation and you've tried everything from chiropractors, doctors, nutritionists, and wondering if you’ll ever be free from pain, this could be the most important thing you will ever read:

💔 Our client Deanna saw 14 different specialists over the course of 10 months, but she was still bedridden

She suffered with chronic joint pain, hair loss, extreme fatigue. It was a heavy burden to bear, affecting not only her physical health but also her emotional well-being. She felt trapped, unable to enjoy life to the fullest.

🌟 She discovered our science-based approach

But Deanna's story takes a turn. She discovered our science-based approach and even though she was afraid to try again, because everything else has failed her, her husband told her "you're worth it". With dedication and guidance, she began her journey to healing with us.

🌈 Within 40 days, ALL of her symptoms were gone!

She's free from joint pain, radiates energy, boasts a full head of hair, and her mind is sharper than ever. She's reclaimed her life and her happiness. She was even able to go to Italy on her wedding anniversary that she initially was planning to cancel because she didn't know if she will ever be able to walk again!

🙌 Her story proves that no matter how challenging your situation may seem, there's hope for a brighter, pain-free future. Stay tuned to uncover the strategies that transformed Deanna's life and can transform yours too!

Benefits you'll gain from our 40 day Journey

  Feel Better and Live Pain-Free

No More Medications or Supplements

Save Thousands on Medical Bills

Get your Life and Your Career Back

Restore your Mental Focus and Clarity

Sleep Better and Wake up More Confident

Hundreds of our client have recovered within 40 days

NO MORE Cystitis, Sinsutis, Headaches, Fatigue - "Your program has given me 100 times return on my investment" 
Our client's inflammation calprotectin marker normalized, she no longer had headaches, no more ear infections, no more hair loss, no more grey hair, more cystitis,  no more fatigue, no more sinusitits, and she lost 15 lbs of inflammation weight! - results in 40 days

"what worked super well is that you said exactly this, exactly that. By the morning, you say "make this change, try this instead and it made it doable. Just the fact that you told me WHAT to do, WHEN to do it."
NO MORE Hypothyrodism and Polymyalgia Rheuamtica – results in 35 days
"I learned what I was doing wrong. I enjoyed that you have daily communication with me and that you care and give good direction"

"no more aches and pain, no more feeling lethergic, no more fatigue, no more chills and thyroid numbers normlized" - results in 35 days
NO MORE Hashimotos, hair loss, lupus
"When I found out how affordable this was and how much I was spending on blood work every year, it was less expensive to work with you in comparison to all the medical bills I have."

"No more pain, stiffness, brain fog, no more fatigue, no more hair loss" - results in 40 days.

"Everything is so simple, it just laid out for you, not have to think whole lot about what I am doing. And really not much time in the kitchen at all which I love.” 
“They are (Viktoriya and Oksana) are not here to be depended on them. They are here to support you and educate you. And you make informed decisions for yourself. Your body and your blood work and how you feel will speak for themselves. This is better than medications and it doesn’t cost you that much.”
NO MORE Sjogrens, Arthritis symptoms
“I have been on Humira, and other RA medications and it is only a temporary fix. Doctors told me I will be disabled within 5 years. Now, my motivation came back, my confidence came back. I feel like I am stepping back into life, and I want to experience it. No more dry eyes, no more long haul covid, no more medications” - results in 40 days.

“The enbarel was costing $2,000 that I was supposed to take every two weeks.”

“This is totally different, and everyone needs to try this.”

“Best money I spent, and you should charge more. But I am grateful you are not.”

Who is this for?

  • You're someone who wants to heal as quickly as possible and need specific instructions on what to do and how to do in order to reverse your symptoms and disease.
  • ​ You need personal help to make sure they do everything right, especially if you've worked with chiropractor, nutritionist, functional doctor, but still struggled to become symptom free and fully reverse your disease, or you have severe symptoms like organ failure and terrible pain where you need to get it right as quickly as possible to save your life.
  • ​ You started getting worse again or plateaued after they first experienced improvements in their symptoms, so you need help identifying what caused you to get worse again and how to fix it to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    We help people heal on the cellular level and repair the immune system and inflammation, so you stop the disease from progressing and repair the damage that has been done by an autoimmune disease.

    Our clients are healing and seeing results in 40 days, because they are getting specific instructions and feedback daily on their progress and adjustments along the way.


Imagine, if you woke up in just 40 days, and you no longer had any fatigue, headaches, joint pain, or brain fog. 

Or, just imagine how the new year begins, 2024, you start planning your dream trips, vacations, going to Italy or Mexico to go sailing the sea and swimming with the dolphins.


You FINALLY feel good again the first time in 15 years. After everything with the pandemic and illnesses, this actually has turned out the best year for a long time...

You no longer spent your days worrying about your health or visiting 14 different doctors and experts who have had no answers or provided any real solutions.

You are finally FREE from medications, doctor visits, supplements, and you have freedom to live the life you have always wanted.
All of this, and a new you in 40 days...
No Worries OR Risk... Our program comes with a Guarantee
If you do not see any improvements in ANY of your symptoms or labs within 40 days (and you have participated in the program), we will extend your program to 80 days without any additional costs! This is a limited time offer available for 24 hours after your 1-1 consultation.

Yes, it's really possible to change your life in just 40 days! Look how these people just like you did in our program...

No more Hashimotos, Eczema, Autoimmune Gastritis  - 40 day results
"My face eczema was gone after one week and my fingers joint pain went away after two weeks. Really happy to see that my ANA is negative in 5 weeks" - results in 40 days
No more Ulcerative Colitis
"Once I decided to dedicate 100%of myself to their recovery program, my disease began to heal within the first 2 weeks. 2 years later, the colitis is still gone" - results in 2 weeks.
No more Scleroderma, Reynaud's, CREST
"I had many symptoms that I struggled with every day. Like heartburn, hair loss, swelling, and stiffness of the body, rashes, acne, couldn't sleep, breathing problems, asthma, severe anxiety, weight gain, daily low-grade fevers, joint pain in all body. Dryness of the body, headache, chest pain, poor ciculation, brain"

"From day 12th, I was almost symptom free and started having more energy and was almost pain free." - results in 12 days!

Lupus nephritis - no more protein in urine
"I got my lab results today and I'm celebrating that I no longer have protein in my urine" - results in 40 days


OPTION 1: DO NOTHING AND STAY THE SAME..  You can choose to stay on your current path, grappling with the burden of auto-immune disease.

Continue relying on medications and treatments that might offer temporary relief but don't address the root cause.

Endure the pain, fatigue, and limitations that have become a part of your daily life.

Allow your condition to dictate how you live, robbing you of joy, freedom, and vitality.

OPTION 2:  GET STARTD AND GET TO FULL DISEASE RECOVERY... Alternatively, you can embark on a transformative journey that has already changed countless lives.

In just 40 days, free yourself from the grip of auto-immune disease without medications.

Embrace a life of boundless energy, vibrant health, and a future full of possibilities.

Reconnect with the activities, relationships, and joys that auto-immune disease has stolen from you.

The choice is yours, and it's a decision that will ripple through every aspect of your life.


Viktoriya and Oksana Gruzdyn are Peer-Reviewed Published Immunology Scientists and graduates from Wayne State University, 
Detroit, Michigan

They are currently based in Miami, FL and they are known for helping people achieve rapid results in their health globally

With a combined expertise spanning over a decade, the Gruzdyn twins have undertaken a profound journey into the intricate world of cellular biology.

Dedicated Scholars and Published Experts:
As peer-reviewed published Immunology Scientists, Viktoriya and Oksana Gruzdyn possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has propelled them to the forefront of their field. Their academic journey has been characterized by a deep commitment to understanding how various foods exert their influence at the cellular level, specifically in relation to cellular damage, immunity, and the intricate process of cellular repair.

Over the last 13 years, they have published their research work in peer-reviewed Scientific Journals such as: JAMA Surgery, Journal of Surgical Research, Cancer Letters, Surgery and several others. 

Global Impact through Healing:
Through their insights, they have provided a roadmap for repairing the immune system, defying chronic inflammation, and restoring damaged organs to optimal functionality. 

Kidneys, lungs, and other vital organs have seen remarkable recovery under their guidance, as they continue to reshape the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of healing.
  • 13 years of experience reversing diseases holistically.
  • ​Graduates from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (2010)
  • 2012 7th Annual David Fromm Research Award Recipient, First Price, Wayne State University School of Medicine
  • ​2013 8th Annual David Fromm Research Award Recipient, Third Price, Wayne State University School of Medicine
  • ​2014 and 2016 Professional Development Scholarship, Golden Key International Honour Society
  • ​2015 10th Annua David Fromm Research Award Recipient, First Price, Wayne State University School of Medicine
  •  Presented over 20 times at international and national medical and research conferences such as Central Surgical Association Annual Meeting, American College of Surgeons, Academic Surgical Congress and others.

Viktoriya and Oksana have spoke and been published at:


What is the difference between remission vs full disease reversal?
Remission is very different from a complete absence of all markers.

People can be in remission while still sick and still test positive for lupus, Hashimoto’s (or any other autoimmune disease).
You know you are fully healed when your blood work, your pain, your symptoms are all reversed and stay reversed and medications no longer needed.

Remission is just a matter of time; full disease reversal is forever.

Many of our clients also reversed their symptoms and labs even after decades of illness, and quite a number of them have been told by the rheumatologist that they are no longer diagnosable as having autoimmune disease and got off all their meds.

Can any disease improve in your program?
We haven’t seen a disease that can’t be improved in our 1-1 Rapid Immunocellular Repair ® reversal program.

We teach clients how to use foods that your body uses to repair your cells, your organs, skin, hair, joints..etc.

That’s why our program reverses fatty liver, diabetes, high cholesterol, neuropathies, hormonal issues, infertility, and heart failure in addition to autoimmune disease and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Our program is a comprehensive holistic and scientific program where we help each client to eliminate inflammation optimally in all areas of their life.

A lot of people think they are doing everything right regardless of what diet they are following, and they are not getting better until we tweak and fix the mistakes they are making in their recovery.

Our program works for every inflammatory disease when it is done correctly and to FULL CAPACITY.

How much 1-1 access do I get to Viktoriya and Oksana?
All of the access! Between zoom calls, email, we will make sure that you are being guided personally by us giving you customized advice. In particular with Viktoriya and Oksana directly, you and Viktoriya and Oksana will be emailing back and forth information. Whatever you will have a question, you will get a respond from Viktoriya and Oksana right away. Each client submits their workbook for us to review and will get a direct response with a feedback and suggestion what to modify. With this process, we will problem solve issues right on the spot and give you guidance on what to do next based on results you are getting. 

So our program arms you with resource, and our experience to lean on so you can go through this disease reversal journey with grace and tools to calm your anxious mind. 
Can I still get better even if I've been sick for 30 years?
Yes! If you follow our facebook page, you will see that a number of our clients had an autoimmune disease for 10-20 years and some even had it for 40 years and they were able to go from being bedridden to walking again. We had clients who were in their 70s work with us on their diabetes, RA, sjogrens and gut issues and even they were able to normalize their autoimmune markers.

You can follow our facebook page for more information and therefore, we can confidently say that yes, you can still improve and have better quality of life regardless how long you've been sick or what organs have been affected. It is never too late to learn how to repair your immunity so you will have normal immune function and become symptom-free in as soon as in 40 days.

However, the sooner you start your healing and address the issues that have been holding you back, the faster you will be able to get your health and life back and cut down on future medical bills.
How are you different from everyone else? 
We are known to help people become symptom free within 40 days!

We focus on repairing the immune system so it goes back to normal function all without supplements, herbs, special expensive testing, therapies and WITHOUT eating organic food.

We don't do what functional or holistic doctors do, who mask symptoms with supplements/herbs and outdated anti-inflammatory protocols. Our 1-1 Rapid Immunocellular Repair ® reversal program was NOT designed based on the mold of other autoimmune protocols or authors/doctors but from our understanding of the immune system and through repeated EXPERIENCE.

There is a big gap in knowledge and experience when you have worked with literally hundreds of people to see firsthand how fast people can transform their health with daily guidance, versus someone who read some made-up opinions and theories and maybe tried it out on a small handful of people in a GROUP program (not 1-1) throughout their entire career. There are a lot of foods and programs that claim to be anti-inflammatory, but they are NOT when you look at a cellular interaction of EVERYTHING that a person is eating.

All of our clients below have gone to functional doctors and natural doctors, and they explain how we are different. 

Does your functional doctor, nutritionist reversing your symptoms and labs as fast as 40 days?

As you can see our clients reverse their symptoms and their labs as fast as 30-40 days when most people it takes years to see the type of progress our clients make in such a short amount of time.

Are you ready to take charge of your life and embark on a 40-day journey to lasting health and happiness? It's time to seize this opportunity!

🚀 Click the "BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION" button below and join countless others who have transformed their lives with our science-based approach.

 Your brighter future awaits!

But don't delay – this offer won't last forever. The time to act is NOW! 

Remember, your health, emotional well-being, and future happiness are at stake. 

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