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We set aside a full 60 minutes in our busy schedule for our consultations, any no-show, cancellations and/or re-scheduling means that it's likely we lose that 1 hour that could have gone to someone else. Therefore, the following policy applies.
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Who are you and what do you do?
Viktoriya and Oksana are experts in immune system and peer-reviewed published Immunology Scientists based in the USA. They spend over 10 years studying how every food interacts on the cellular level when it comes to inflammation, organ and immune repair. They specialize in helping people reverse chronic inflammation using science-based nutritional approach without supplements, herbs or testing. Viktoriya and Oksana and their team, work with THEIR clients directly. Viktoriya and Oksana LLC is NOT associated with any organizations, hospitals, or companies.

In our Rapid Immunocellular Repair ® reversal program, we CREATE a recovery plan for your disease, your symptoms, and the status of your organ function.

1. If you are not reversing your symptoms in 30 days, you don't have the right recovery plan in place and you are doing something dangerously wrong.

2. You need to know how to repair the immune system. Getting one ingredient wrong can prevent you from FULLY healing.

3. You need to know if you have an increase in symptoms, is that a healing crisis, sensitivity or a disease flare? Just because you don't experience symptoms when you eat certain food, it doesn't mean those foods don't contribute to the inflammatory immune system.

4. Information is not enough for more people to reverse their illness, and we need to make REAL TIME adjustments to your recovery plan based on your RESULTS and how your body is responding.

5. You need to know how to remain disease free for life. Just because your symptoms are gone, it doesn't mean your disease is gone. This is why symptoms always come back because nutritionists, functional doctors, and chiropractors don't have the experience and knowledge how to repair immunity with nutrition so medications no longer needed. Most people learn how to MANAGE symptoms but not how to FULLY reverse diseases. 

We have reversed autoimmune symptoms and lab markers for our clients globally WITHIN 30 days without working on their trauma, without supplements, without emotional healing and without eating organic food! 

The advice that we give is scientific and evidense based on collecting hundreds of case studies (since 2013) around the world to evaluate the best variation of our program(s) for specific cases.

What we do is a results-based that takes your nutrition to the OPTIMAL level for the fastest cellular repair and immune normalization.

Our program was NOT designed based on the mold of other autoimmune protocols or authors/doctors but from our understanding of the immune system and through repeated EXPERIENCE.

Our program cannot be done without our supervision and guidance.

What are the conditions you can help with?
We've been successful at reversing chronic symptoms of all of the following and helping accelerate cellular and organ healing with nutrition: Adrenal Fatigue, Allergies, Alopecia, Anemia, Asthma (and all kinds of inflammatory pulmonary conditions), Autoimmune Hepatitis, Behcet's Disease, Buerger's disease, Chronic Migraines, Chronic Pain, Colitis (all) COVID-19 LONG-HAULER SYNDROME, Crohn's, Dermatitis, Diabetes (both 1 and 2), Eczema, Esophagus, Fatty Liver, Fibroids, Fibromyalgia, Grave's Disease, Glaucoma, Hashimotos, Heart Disease, Heart Palpitations, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, IBS, Infertility, Interstitial Cystitis, Intestinal Metaplasia, Kidney Disease stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Lichen Sclerosus, Liver Disease, Lung Fibrosis, Lupus Nephritis ALL stages, Lupus, Mixed Connective Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, Neuropathies, Obesity, Optic Neuritis, Pemphigus Vulgaris, Pneumonia, Polymyalgia, Retinitis, Rheumatica, Polymyositis, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rosacea, Scleroderma (diffuse, morphia, systemic, limited), Sinitutus, Sjogrens, Slow Metabolism, Thrombocytopenia (itp and ttp), Tinnitus, Urticaria, Vasculitis, Vitiligo and countless others.  
CLICK HERE for client testimonials and before and after lab results in 30-40 days

All of our client testimonials/screenshots/posts/text/images shared by Viktoriya and Oksana are copyrighted by Viktoriya and Oksana LLC and cannot be posted, printed, copied, reproduced, or duplicated anywhere online or in print without their written permission.

We work with people remotely and GLOBALLY in the comfort of their home, online, via phone calls, video calls, and email - you don't need to travel to be able to work with us.

How are you different from functional doctors, nutritionists, holistic doctors, medical doctors?
We focus on fixing the immune system so it goes back to normal function all without supplements, herbs, special testings, detoxes, therapies or eating organic food. 

We don't do what functional or holistic doctors do, who mask symptoms with supplements/herbs and outdated anti-inflammatory protocols. 

There is a big gap in knowledge and experience when you have worked with literally hundreds of people to see firsthand how fast people can transform their health with daily guidance, versus someone who read some made-up opinions and theories and maybe tried it out on a small handful of people in a GROUP program (not 1-1) throughout their entire career. There are a lot of foods and programs that claim to be anti-inflammatory, but they are NOT when you look at a cellular interaction of EVERYTHING that a person is eating.  All of our clients below have gone to functional doctors and natural doctors, and they explain how we are different.

Watch their here videos for more info.

Does your functional doctor or nutritionist helping you reverse your symptoms and labs as fast as 40 days like we have helped many of clients do?

As you can see below, many of our clients reverse their symptoms and their labs as fast as 30-40 days when most people it takes years to see the type of progress our clients make in such a short amount of time. 

How do you know who to trust? 

The person who has shown the results that you are after, not someone who just claims they can help you with autoimmune disease, but do they have the results?

Do they share their clients healing in 30 days? their labs reversing and normalizing? Or do they just tell you they can help. How many people fully reversed their disease and remained disease free and medications free?

The main reason our clients get these results is because of the level of help and support they receive, no one ELSE is going to look over your shoulder and address every single symptom (including weekends) and give you specific instructions and make real time adjustments and teach you how to repair your immunity so you get the results you are seeking.

What kind of diet do you recommend for me?
We don't recommend any diet and our nutritional guidance is unique to each person. 

Our program is not a "diet." It's a lifesaving 1-1 Rapid Immunocellular Repair ® reversal program where you get our help and support every single day to make sure you get healthier and make zero mistakes in your healing. It is the work that we value most and pour endless hours into, helping others get their health and happiness back against all odds.

We have different variations of the program depending on the severity of people’s diseases and assign SPECIFIC instructions accordingly.

Assuming that our clients reverse their disease just by following some random diet is incorrect.

And it conveys a completely inaccurate idea of what we do.

Majority of clients who come to us already tried everything from eating gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, autoimmune paleo, keto, vegan, whole foods, raw juices and detoxes, supplements, therapies, herbs, fasting, eating fruit and veggies, make smoothies with healthy fats and greens, consuming 1 scoop of high quality protein powders and collagen powders, cleanses, celery juicing, cellular repair protocols, drinking lots of water and YET they were still sick until they worked with us.

How our clients go from being disabled to working again and becoming symptom free as fast as 40 days? 

When we help each client isolate what is keeping them sick and optimize their immune function, this approach eliminates any possibility or doubt about "am i doing it right, am i doing enough?" 

Our program gets people healed at maximum speed, leaving zero room for error. 

This is our life work, and it is far better than the traditional practice of dispensing medications to people who stay sick.

By adding components that your immune cells are desperately missing....
1. Improve your immunity...
2. Improve the body's ability to fight infections...
3. Reverse damage from long-term chronic inflammatory diseases...
4. Reversing aging, improve energy, reverse diabetes and high blood pressure and increases athletic performance in athletics...
5. Faster recovery and healing after surgery....

Biggest problem in Western AND holistic medicine?
One of the most profound problems in modern Western Medicine that arises is that the view of the body has been exchanged for a myopic and ultra-focused view of separate parts of the body overseen by multiple doctors.

One doctor for your heart, another for your gut, another for fatigue, another for your joints, another for your nerves or skin or weightloss etc.

And while this might help with medicine or procedure to treat problems with that area of the body, they often miss the connection between how the same root problem can show up in different organs and how there is a primary problem provoking the problems in these different areas.

People end up on many medicines or supplements and continue to get sicker because the cause isn’t addressed.

Our clients get incredible results because we solve their problems and teach them how to heal the WHOLE body, not just treat individual symptoms. 

You know you are following the right recovery plan when EVERYTHING gets better including gut problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ADHD, hormones, neuropathies, brain function improves, metabolism, skin and hair.

We heal the WHOLE body and everything gets better overtime not just one thing. 

If you are following a plan where one thing gets better and something else gets worse, it is not the right plan. 

Do I need to buy supplements and eat organic?
You don't need supplements or eat organic food in order to get your health back. 

Do you see all of our clients here? None of them were required to eat organic to get these types of results in 4-6 weeks of us working together. 

We have also worked with people from Russia, India, Spain, France, South Africa, UK, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico and Germany and found a way to help anyone regardless of their situation or location.

We see it all the time that people go to doctors who say they are "holistic" but they end up spending thousands of dollars on a bunch of supplements, which is still medicine that mask symptoms, and don’t actually fix any underlying issues. 

When people take tons of supplements, they risk absorbing more than their body needs, and you also risk interactions - just like medicines supplements can interact and cause side effects. Did you know that by taking supplements people can develop food sensitivities and feel nauseated?


Why tracking your food daily and keeping a food journal will not help you?
Just because you eat something and you didn’t feel a symptom from what you just ate, it doesn't mean what you just ate is NOT inflammatory. Some people avoid foods that trigger them, but their disease is still progressing because just by avoiding foods that are giving your symptoms or avoiding foods that you ASSUME are inflammatory will not repair your immune system and stop the disease from progressing. You need to add what is missing in your current recovery plan to repair the damage from the disease and create healthy immune system.

What is the difference between remission vs FULL disease reversal?
Remission is very different from a complete absence of all markers. 

People can be in remission while still sick and still test positive for lupus, Hashimoto’s (or any other autoimmune disease). 

You know you are FULLY reversed (cured) your disease when your blood work, your pain, your symptoms are all reversed and stay reversed. 

Remission is just a matter of time; full disease reversal is forever. 

Many of our clients also reversed their symptoms and labs even after decades of illness, and quite a number of them have been told by the rheumatologist that they are no longer diagnosable as having autoimmune disease and medications were no longer needed. 

Can any disease improve in our program?
We haven’t seen a disease that can’t be improved in our 1-1 Rapid Immunocellular Repair ® reversal program. 

We teach clients how to use foods that your body uses to repair your cells, your organs, skin, hair, joints..etc.  We teach our clients how to enable their immune system to function optimally.

That’s why our program reverses fatty liver, diabetes, high cholesterol, neuropathies, hormonal issues, infertility, and heart failure in addition to autoimmune disease and chronic inflammatory conditions. 

In our program, the WHOLE body heals, you will improve the health of your organs like your heart, kidneys, lungs, the strength of your bones, and decrease your risk of cancer and chronic disease. In addition, skin lesions, high cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure, headaches, menstrual cycle pains, gut problems, etc.

Because the nutrition flows into every single organ and every single cell and repair takes place at a rapid rate! 

Our program is a comprehensive holistic and scientific program where we help each client to eliminate inflammation optimally in all areas of their life and BODY. 

A lot of people think they are doing everything right regardless of what diet they are following, and they are not getting better until we tweak and fix the mistakes they are making in their recovery.

Each client gets individual feedback on what they eat, how much they eat, how their food is prepared and their daily struggles, and how to improve all those things until they get their optimal results.

After almost a decade of helping clients reversing “incurable” diseases, and now that we ourselves have been disease-free (normal symptoms and optimal labs that we shared on our Instagram), we feel comfortable saying that ALL autoimmune diseases FULLY reversible, and we are in awe every day by the capacity of the human body to repair itself when we get out of it’s way and give it what it needs CORRECTLY!

Why you should never do 6 month long programs?
Functional doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors who offer 6 months long programs, it means their clients don't make progress within weeks. Imaging doing a program for 6 months and you still have symptoms and still have positive antibodies when majority of our clients become symptom free within 40 days. In addition, if your doctor tells you: "testimonials don't matter" it means their clients didn't get results so they share none. Typical results our clients shared: "No more joint pain, no longer need medications. This is easy to follow and affordable. My ANA is negative first time in 2 years. My HBA1C of 10.5 was down to an HBA1C to 8.5 in only 5 weeks." 

What are your success rates?
Our success rate is extremely high. All the testimonials you see on our page are the progress our clients make in 30-40 days of us working together and many of them told us that they made the most progress in our program than they ever made in 10 years. We have 5-7 new clients in our program every month and yet we share daily results on social media where majority of our clients become symptom free in 40 days. Most doctors have 60 clients PER month and they "guarantee" results when they share NONE.

Our program works for every inflammatory disease when it is done correctly and to FULL CAPACITY. 

Our program is NOT average because of its track record and high success rate but not everybody is ready for it NOR can we work with everyone. (Every month we have to go on a waiting list early to keep the experience where it needs to be). Limited spots available in our 1-1 rapid disease reversal program, date depends on availability. Enroll now to reserve the next available spot, or contact us for availability.

How much does it cost?
The first step is to schedule your chat to make sure that this is the right fit for you and we'll discuss the options that we have available based on what will be best for you.

We have different spots available in our programs at different times. 

Because we offer unlimited help every single day, we allow a very limited number of people to help at a time. Our programs require a lot of our time and energy, daily, including Saturdays and Sundays and holidays.

We put our heart and soul into taking care of every single person who joins our 1-1 Rapid Immunocellular Repair ® reversal program and the people who do the work get better emotionally and physically.

Our programs are by invitation only and we don’t want anyone in our program who is not going to benefit from working with us. 

That means every time someone joins our program who isn't willing to let us help them, they rob another person of the opportunity to heal.

We personally hand select the type of people who will be successful in our disease reversal programs, which requires to go through an interview process to determine if we are a fit for each other.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to respond to an email and text message to confirm your call (this is a REAL person testing you not a robot). 

When I work with you, do I continue to take all of my meds?
Yes, you should continue medical treatments and medications in collaboration with your physician(s) while on the autoimmune nutritional program. This program does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. Neither Viktoriya and Oksana, nor anyone associated with Viktoriya and Oksana, LLC, has, is, or will practice medicine with clients. They will not prescribe medicines or any medical treatment. They will not adjust existing medications or treatments. Viktoriya and Oksana, LLC limit their services strictly to guiding clients through autoimmune reversal nutritional program. All medical decisions, treatments, and prescriptions are left entirely up to your primary care physician. 

Do you take insurance?
In our medical system, medications, surgeries and hospitalizations are the main things covered by insurance. The real solutions, such as this one, are not covered. We offer flexible financing which does not require a credit check for our US clients (we are based in the US but work with clients globally). The first step is to schedule your chat and we will discuss all the details pertaining to your case and see how we can help you.

No part of this text may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from Viktoriya and Oksana LLC. 
All of our client testimonials/screenshots/posts/text/images shared by Viktoriya and Oksana are copyrighted by Viktoriya and Oksana LLC and cannot be posted, printed, copied, reproduced, or duplicated anywhere online or in print without their written permission.
How is our process different?
Over the last years, we got RESULTS for hundreds of our clients reverse their inflammatory symptoms and normalize lab markers without supplements and therapies in as soon as six weeks!
How our process is different?

"What I really like about it is that it’s so prescriptive. I’ve worked with nutritionist who have said things “try to eat more apples.”What worked super well is that you said exactly this, exactly that. By the morning, you say “make this change, try this instead and it made it doable. Just the fact that you told me WHAT to do, WHEN to do it." - client with interstitial cystitis, UTI's, laryngitis, ear infection, hair thinning, exhaustion, weight gain, leaky gut

Calprotectin (stool inflammation level) 362 (high) 30 days after:  Calprotectin (stool inflammation level) less then16
Are we legit?

"You guys are definitely legit, I don’t know how anybody can not say that or think that…."

"You girls are there. We talk through the document, facebook group, the zoom chat."
"You're right there answering my questions at live times. Everything you are doing makes sense, because we are healing. If it wasn’t, why would all these people be feeling better?"

"You guys aren't the cookie cutter program. It's so individualized. You give SO much of your time - giving your time and energy and I'm so grateful that you do that. You give your all.

You're with us, holding our hand" - our client with lupus, IBS, joint pain, PCOS, migraines, swollen/painful lymph nodes, brittle hair, bruising, high cholesterol, tingling, numbness, coldness, pins/needles, allergies.
How our process is different?

“Part of this is having a knowledge because there are so many things you learn as a health care professional that aren’t true.

Those things are taught to us that is based on research either coming from a wrong place or it is from years of bad habits.

I came from a place where I know a lot about getting healthy but I don’t know anything about how to heal autoimmune diseases" - client who is a nurse diagnosed with RA

Update from our client 6 months later: she got pregnant and off her medications! 
The cost of our program? Is this double?

"It does make a lot of sense and seems to be very doable. 

I did follow other people who claim that they can help you heal from autoimmune disease and then you have to buy their $500 per months supplements and it is very complicated. The cost of their program is countably ridiculous, and it is not double for most people. 

When I found out how affordable this was and how much I was spending on blood work every year, it was less expensive to work with you in comparison to all the medical bills I have. 

Everything is so simple, it just laid out for you, not have to think whole lot about what I am doing. And really not much time in the kitchen at all which I love.” –  our client with hashimoto's, joint pain, lupus, fatigue, stiffness, brain fog
What makes our process different?

“You got to try this approach. If you ran out of all kinds of answers and you have nothing. You got to look back what God intended for people: food, and someone you can trust. People who are authentic and really organic. This first zoom I could feel that you were really authentic. If you already suffered for 6 years + years, people helping your grocery shopping, and helping you get out of the shower, pick you out of the bath because you stuck in the bathtub. And you can’t dress yourself. Or if you want to continue to suffer for another 6 more years, people doing laundry for you, cook for you? It will be the best decision you will ever make. My life has totally changed. My family’s life has totally changed. "- our client had arthritis for 7 years, swollen inflammation joints, fatigue
Client has seen 14 different doctors (including functional doctors, nutritionists and Chiropractic but was still bed ridden fro 10 months and in our program became symptom free in 40 days!!)

“You have changed our lives. You gave me my wife back."

"No sense of having money if she doesn’t get her health. No amount of money could have done what you guys did. "

"I went to ER twice; I went to urgent care twice. I have seen 14 different doctors, specialists and they still wanted to do more work and I now feel amazing. I no longer need iron infusions. My husband to me: you are probably looking at two women who will cure cancer someday.."– client with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gastroparesis

• “Within 4 weeks, the swelling on my knee went down.”
• No more eczema
• No more gut issues
• No more iron infusions
• No more neuropathy
• No more joint pain or stiffness
• No longer needs iron infusions or medications
What's a difference between doctors, functional doctors, naturopathic doctors vs Viktoriya and Oksana?

“I have been on Humira, and other RA medications and it is only a temporary fix."

"They are (Viktoriya and Oksana) are not here to be depended on them. They are here to support you and educate you. Your body and your blood work and how you feel will speak for themselves."

“Best money I spent, and you should charge more. But I am grateful you are not.” Client

• Confidence is back
• Feet don’t hurt
• Lowered prednisone from 10 mg to 1 mg
• Motivation is back
• No more brain fog
• No more dry eyes
• No more dry mouth
• No more fatigue
• No more headaches
• RA for 25 years
• Saved $4,000 per month on medication 
What's a difference between doctors, functional doctors, naturopathic doctors vs Viktoriya and Oksana?

"Nobody I have found except for you guys are truly getting at the root cause."

"Even doctors I know who says that they will get to a root cause, but all they do is they put people in remission, thinking that it is the root cause and that it will solve their problem, but it is not."

"The amount I spend on supplements was ridiculous and my doctor knew that I was not getting better and the results came back for my TPO and it actually went up by 5 points. Nothing changed."

"What you are doing is helping people be FREE from their disease as supposed to keeping them stabilized."

"Doctors keeping a person existing because they know if they heal somebody, they will never see them again."– client with Hashimoto's who worked with medical doctors, functional doctors and tried different protocols and supplements that didn't help him. Before our program he was eating chicken, fish, vegetables, cheese and his antibodies kept going up and worked with a functional doctor from medical medium. 
In our program his TPO antibodies went from 3007 to 1891 in 5 weeks.
TSH went frmo 13.57 to 4.938 in 2 weeks. 
What was it inspired you to work with us?

“I have noticed a big improved in my mood and in my brain fog. I feel more focused.” - clients share their results in 14 days

“It is a small investment that will save your life. My colon was so swollen is when they game a picture, I cried. I am feeling amazing. I am living for the first time in 15 years. I am alive and I am free. I thought I had no strength to do it. I thought that it will not work for me. That I am not a special person. And I just kept going, I followed their (Viktoriya and Oksana) direction to the T.” – client shared results in 14 days
No part of this text may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from Viktoriya and Oksana LLC. 
Wrong advice she received from nutritionists and naturopathic doctor cost her $15,000 USD per year and she still had inflammation.

“With a nutritionist, I went gluten-free, dairy-free (except goat cheese occasionally), limited sugar, limited processed food, no artificial sweeteners, and tried to avoid bad oils. Also, I started eating more fruits and vegetables (organic when possible) and grass-fed beef.”

“My naturopathic doctor to me to eat a clean diet, but there was no specific guidance with what to eat or not to eat.”

In total spent $12,000-$15,000 per year BUT still had inflammation.

“The damage that is causing while you are trying to figure it out and the supplements that I was not aware that my naturopathic doctor told me to take was costing a lot of money.”

“I didn’t realize that I needed as much help as I did. I wish I would have done it sooner.” Shelly shared
Are we legic?

“I had no idea what your program was all about. I was presently surprised that every day, no matter what questions I threw at you, you answered them. So that is very unusual. I am a nurse by a professional. To get an appointment with doctor here it might be 3-4 weeks. With you ladies it was daily. The zoom classes was once per week, great information. I like the guides further zoom calls. It exceeded my expectations. I am looking for quality of life and it looks like you guys have given me that. I appreciate that you guys are research scientists and you put your heart and soul in it”

clients Deb shared
Whats a difference between remission vs disease reversal?

"Reversal is forever, remission is just a matter of time. I have gone myself back into remission and it doesn’t help."

"And for me that worked for so long and in the last year that didn’t no longer worked. You guys are just so knowledgeable in autoimmunity and in immune system in general. So this really helps with all the diseases that people are battling with.” - our client with Hashimoto's, brain fog, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue
Why do you need to reverse your disease on a cellular level not mask your symptoms with medication or supplements or do a stem cell therapy?

"My family are all doctors and they have NO clue when it comes to cellular nutrition and disease reversal. Five and ten years from now if a person doesn’t reverse their disease, their organs are not going to function, especially if they start using medication. - our client who is a nurse became symptoms free from Sjogren’s in 21 days   

21 days after:
• On a 2nd day of the program, I started going to the bathroom
• In 15 days, my symptoms went from 10/10 to 2/10 for about day 15
• On day 21, all the pain was just gone!
Viktoriya and Oksana program review

“My family has been so excited. I started my own business. I never would have been doing any of that had I not had the energy that I do right now.”

“I’ve never felt this good in years”

“It’s been so life changing for me. My daughter said ‘mom you’re back’ and I had no words."
"I’ve been sick since she was little. I’ve been able to do things with her and she is 20 years old now." client with lichen Sclerosis, Cystitis, Diabetes, Brain Fog

"I don't think you charge very much for what you do. And i would just say for anyone out there that they need to definitely do it." client with lupus nephritis

"I knew I needed to eat healthy and make changes towards helping my disease, but I didn't know to what extent. And all the little details you guys taught me so now that I know, it gives me hope and it is something I can do personally to help myself. So now that I know that this is prove to work, I am going to do this for the rest of my life because I want to help myself." client with scleroderma

“In the last 7 years, since being diagnosed with lupus, I knew I could always heal myself, but I got really ill that I had to go on medication.”

“I have spent 60,000 pounds on different promises from different people who said that their program will work and none of it did.”

“This is always very disappointing and expensive and some of the coaches made me sicker. Those coaches tried to make me come off my medications and gave me a wrong died to follow, the combination of both (wrong diet and wrong advice) got me very ill.”

• Creatinine, plasma: 159 (high)
• eGFR: 30
• dsDNA: 156 (high)
• high blood pressure
• poor digestion
• chronic fatigue
• body felt so toxic due to steroids
• face was swollen like a “balloon” due to steroids

After 40 days:
• GFR went from 30 to 40 (in 40 days) no longer in a critical list
• Creatine went from 155 to 135
• Doctors from Oxford were very impressed and her doctor who is 80 years old has never seen anyone with lupus nephritis results like that.
• Her doctor lowered her medications by less than half 
No part of this text may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from Viktoriya and Oksana LLC. 
“First thing that I loved was that there was no supplements! and the fact that you interact with me daily and that you're accessible." - client with hyporthyroidism and gastritis

"After two weeks on your program, I was completely off my medication. It gave me control of my life back and you can't put a price on that" - client with ulcerative colitis

"I would have probably died if I have not looked into different things to try like your program. The doctors just don't have the knowledge or background to be able to heal people. They can mask the symptoms" - client with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, oligoarthritis
 You have a choice to make

1. Learn how to use nutrition with our daily STEP by STEP guidance to repair your immune system so it goes back to normal function and your whole body heals without "emotional healing."
2. No longer need to continue seeing your functional doctor, do million of “special” tests, take supplements, or herbs.
3. Stop taking supplements and be able to get off your medications that are affecting your liver and other organs.
4. Feel motivated again to live your life to the fullest, feel positive, inspired and excited for your future.
5. Amaze your rheumatologist and your family/friends with how incredible you feel in only 40 days and be an inspiration to them.

⛔️ If you’re tired of anti inflammatory protocols, detoxes, supplements, expensive treatments that seem to work for OTHER people but never work for YOU.
⛔️ If you HATE the marketing ‘ health guru culture’ filled with holistic doctors and certified nutritionist who have never reversed disease for hundreds of people but pretend they can help YOU do it (secret: if they’ve never done it, they probably can’t help you or anybody else do it).
✅ If you genuinely, actually WANT to get results in your health and are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to achieve it.
✅ If you KNOW that you’re better off learning form a tested, proven coach with repeatable results from a repeatable scientific system.
✅ If you’d like to see all of the areas in your current health that are broken/leaking and get HANDS ON advice about what’s needing to be fixed right away.
Using nutrition to reverse autoimmunity in our program may sound simple, but it took us 11 years and plus a decade of experience to make it THAT simple.

Our program is NOT average because of its track record and high success rate but not everybody is ready for it NOR can we work with everyone. (Every month we have to go on a waiting list early to keep the experience where it needs to be). Limited spots available in our 1-1 program, date depends on availability. Enroll now to reserve the next available spot, or contact us for availability.

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DISCLAIMER: The transformations shown on this web page and discussed in the video testimonials are our personal testimonials and of previous or existing clients. We’re using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your current health status, your commitment to participate and follow instructions, and health history. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT ATTEND THIS TRAINING OR BOOK A CALL.

NEITHER VIKTORIYA AND OKSANA, NOR ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH  VIKTORIYA AND OKSANA LLC, HAS, IS, OR WILL PRACTICE MEDICINE WITH CLIENTS. They will not prescribe medicines or any medical treatment. They will not adjust existing medications or treatments. Viktoriya and Oksana, LLC limit their services strictly to guiding clients through autoimmune reversal nutritional program. All medical decisions, treatments, and prescriptions are left entirely up to the client's primary care physician. 


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